The Henry Wag Elevated dog bed has serious health benefits for your pet.

Let’s start with some of the features

First is has a firm wooden base. Why is this important? Well not only does is provide a comfortable sleeping position for your dog but it also provides support.  Support for your dog’s back and joints which can be a god send to dogs who are recovering from surgery or those who have mobility problems. It also has a hard wearing and easy to clean cover which can either be removed for washing or simply hoovered and wiped down.  This makes it hygienic, but more than that, it means that this bed does not harbour fleas and mites which can be a problem with more traditional plush beds.

It’s elevated!

Pretty obvious we know. But elevation is the key to this beds success.  We all know dogs love to be off  the floor – why else would they dedicate their lives to getting onto our sofas and beds?  But the key is to understand why dogs like to sleep off  the floor. We think that the answer is simple. If you sleep on the floor you are likely to find it a bit draughty.  If you sleep in a soft, plush bed on the floor then the combination of a hot dog and a cold floor will cause condensation and thereafter a damp bed, and nobody likes a damp bed.  If you are lucky enough to have underfloor heating in your home then your dog is going to get hot and bothered and find it difficult to regulate their temperature.

An elevated dog bed solves all of these problems and provides a great sleeping experience for your dog.  But that’s not all. It’s also great for pet parents too. Why’s that? Because, you can easily clean in and around the bed. Hoover under it, brush it, sponge it, or even take the cover off and wash it, the choice is yours. And this makes the Henry Wag Raised Dog Bed perfect for owners who suffer from skin complaints or allergies.

We think that Henry Wag is the best bed that there is to ensure that your dog gets a restful nights sleep and wakes up relaxed, refreshed and full of beans ready for a busy and playful day ahead. Take a closer look , we’d love to know what you think.

Henry Wag. We design products to help improve the health and wellbeing of pets.