With the winter wet, we’ve previously looked at Henry Wag’s car seat protectors and hammocks. Today we spotlight the front car booster seat and fabric travel crate as alternative ways to keep your dog safe when travelling in a car especially if they’re a nervous passenger.

The Other Front Seat Driver!

Henry Wag car booster seatIf you have a nervous small dog that just must see the road ahead, then reduce their and your stress with a car booster seat . Designed to allow small dogs to ride alongside their owner, the car booster seat is safely anchored around the passenger seat and with front buckles around the head rest.

As you would expect from Henry Wag, it has an integrated tether clip to secure your pet’s harness for restraint. For full safety the passenger seat front airbag should be disengaged while in use as front airbags are not designed to protect either toddlers or dogs.

During the winter, there is a removable fleece liner for extra comfort and warmth. In the summer, (it’s just a month till the clocks go forward!), the mesh panels allow perfect ventilation to help keep your friend cool.

To protect your seatback above the booster seat there is a specifically designed extended fabric panel. At 38cm x 38cm x 25cm, it is only suitable for small dogs, where the least distracting option for the driver is to have a co-driver, than an unhappy stressed back seat passenger.

Travelling in Style in the Back

Henry Wag Folding Fabric travel crateFor some dogs, the key to an enjoyable journey is to be able to relax and feel safe in their own space. In this case a Henry Wag Folding Fabric Travel Crate could be the answer. And for whatever the size of the dog, as it comes in 6 sizes from small to super!

The fabric crate fits perfectly in the rear of the car for the trip. It can also be used outside with pegs if needed.

While designed to create a safe place, the crate has an easy zip assembly with 3 side window panels of mesh over which the solid fabric flaps can be velcroed down for extra protection. The window space prevents the feeling of being locked in for the pet who wants to look out. Or a simple mesh window can be zipped round to allow ventilation and privacy.

Inside is a washable inner floor with a foam insulator. Alternatively there is a faux sheepskin and nylon pad for extra comfort.

At Henry Wag, our aim is to keep your travelling pet as comfortable and stress-free through well-designed products suitable for the UK climate as possible. Then the whole family can enjoy the car journey however long or short.