Dog activity tracker for dog everywhereThe public launch of the ios12 revealed a number of new features. One was the new measure feature. And what did people measure first?

Yes that key family member their dog.

But smartphones can be used not only for photographing your friend and measuring them, but also positively to monitor their health and well-being. This is done using activity trackers.

Fitbits for Dogs

Dog activity trackers are widely available and are usually simply fitted to the dog collar. There are some good designs out there but also some that look a little like shock collars.

Like human fitbits, the trackers will monitor activity and some will monitor sleep. Trackers are a great way to collect what Vets would call baseline data. This is your dog’s normal activity patterns. Changes in these over time may reveal something is wrong or a health issue is developing. This helps answer the question was Rover more active than this 6 months ago. Or is he getting more/less sleep than before. Monitoring changes helps flag up health and behavioural issues.

Monitoring and Tracking

Most trackers will allow you to set age, breed and weight. Some will then produce the easy to understand charts that monitor that even against the same breed rather than just your dog’s record.

At least one device takes the tracker name one step further using the GPS. It allows you to set safe virtual areas and then sets of an alarm on your phone, if the dog strays outside the area. Getting the balance between an area small enough for you to find your friend and large enough so if it wanders in and out area for you not to be constantly jumping up, would be an art.

Things to Consider for a Dog Activity Tracker

Like human activity trackers they range in price from £30 to well over £100. When considering which to purchase, think about what fits best for your dog’s collar based on:

  • Weight of device. There is a trade-off between size and weight, features available and battery life
  • Durability of device. Some are splashproof- not useful for a dog who loves water; others are waterproof. Think also about the material it’s made of. Some you know are robust; others won’t take repeated knocks.
  • Simplicity of use by you. In other words how does it communicate with the app on your phone. Repeated plug ins and downloads or recharges may get tiresome.

And then there is also the opportunity with many dog activity trackers to join a community of other owners. Henry Wag is just waiting for the synchronised community of dog and human fitbits to be launched. Unless it already has and we don’t know about it yet?