With the weather turning frosty last weekend, it was great to be out with friends and dogs in the Gloucestershire countryside.

There’s nothing better than crunching through the autumn leaves and catching up on news- such as me starting in comms this week at Henry Wag.

The dogs meanwhile ran and investigated as and where they wanted with only limited supervision. So it was no surprise that some cleaning was needed, before they got back in the car and then the house!


Tips on Keeping Homes and Pets Clean

Every dog-owner knows that their pet sheds hair and carries various smelly natural bacteria. They also know that mucky paws pick up dirt, dust, grass and other things from being outside. And some of that also naturally transfers itself to their pet’s coats. From coats and paws, dirt then gets over the car and into the home.

So to keep your house clean and odour free, checklists often advise 3 things:

•    Pay attention to grooming
•    Stop dirt and mud at the door
•    Give your pet sufficient exercise.

A fourth is often to bath the dog regularly. The key word is ‘regularly’ as over-bathing a dog is unhealthy as shampoos reduce the natural oils that protect your dog’s coat. An easy way to achieve all three and avoid the fourth is after exercise to rub your dog down with a micro-fibre towel or glove.

Effective dog cleaning after a country walk

A minute or two with a towel will not only keep your car cleaner, but also keep your dog healthier. The areas for attention are firstly the paws to make sure nothing is hidden with a gentle clean. And secondly the legs and coat, which can take a little firmer rubbing! It’s also a good time to quickly check that your dog hasn’t picked up any bumps or scrapes.

Where micro-fibre scores over normal towels for dogs (as well as humans) is its ability to soak up moisture as well as dirt. It does this through its multiple long soft fibres. Micro-fibre is typically more efficient and gentler than regular towels or wipes.The more fibres in a square inch, the more effective the cloth is at cleaning.

This means that a quick rub down will clean away the dirt and bacteria more thoroughly. Then all that needs to be done is to put the towel or glove in the washing machine. Removing water and mud after walks reduces the risks of bacterial infection. This leads to a more active and fulfilled life for your dog. In turn this is less dirt and stress for you.