Holiday drive and dogsSchools are breaking up so it means only one thing, the long holiday drive to the coast or country.

With no end in sight for the UK’s hot summer, package tour operators are desperately slashing prices in order to attract some of us abroad.

But if we’re taking the family’s four-legged friend then we’ve probably already decided that the UK is for us.

Seven Tips for the Holiday Drive

So here are seven tips for a comfortable trip:

  1. Ventilation. We can all remember being cramped into the back of the car as the temperature gradually rose on the drive to the seaside. With modern air conditioning this less of a problem, but still an issue for those in the back. Particularly the boot where there are unlikely to be vents. When moving, windows opened a crack will provide much needed fresh and cooler air for those in the back.
  2. Water. Hot weather means we all need more water to stay hydrated. With their warm coats and higher body temperatures this is particularly true for dogs. For humans feeling thirsty means we have actually passed the point where we should have drunk. Our friend can’t tell us this so we must plan suitable breaks and/or provide travel safe water bowls.
  3. Exercise. Where possible exercise before starting the trip so that your friend is happy to sit rather than fretting that they are stuck in the car when all they want to do is run. It is always good to break the journey for all travellers so that the driver can refresh and the passengers stretch. A good point to aim for is about two thirds of the distance or an hour’s break at an attraction over halfway.
  4. Distraction. If kids get toys, games and electronic devices, consider what would suit your dog? This is not just a case of edible treats, but also small toys.
  5. Safe place. Henry Wag offers a range of products to ensure that dogs travel comfortably and safely whether in the front seat or the boot. With the travel harnesses needed or space constraints, it is worth taking time to train so that your friend sees any restraint as being part of their safe place.
  6. Timing. None of us enjoys being stuck in traffic. This very hot weather will put additional strain on cars and drivers. This is a good opportunity to consider when to leave to stay cool and avoid the queues. Greeting the dawn at journey’s end stays in the memory, not the night drive and delay into your accommodation.
  7. Prepare for arrival. Think about what you need to do when you arrive so that your canine friend is not an afterthought to the delight of arrival and hassle of unloading. Who is taking the dog to exercise and explore? Is it the whole family before any unloading?

Wherever the long holiday drive this year using our seven tips will hopefully make it more comfortable for your whole family despite the weather!