Competition TimeFor the Henry Wag community, it’s competition time again.

All we’re looking for this time are helpful comments on our Facebook page to help us sort out a discussion, which has been raging in the Henry Wag office, over what to call two new products to be launched in early 2019.

Three lucky winners, who provide the most helpful suggestions in the view of Grant and Beth, the Henry Wag managers, will win the Henry Wag Dog Noddle Glove Towel being launched in December.

Competition closes midnight 4th November 2018.

The Situation

Henry Wag has currently 5 Product Categories. Containment covers our 3 pet pens. Storage is the Store-Fresh food box. Hygiene includes the Henry Wag microfibre towels, gloves and noodle mat, while Beds is the elevated beds and cool mat. Travel covers the most products with the seat and car boot protectors, hammocks, booster seat, fabric travel crate and the dog ramp.

And the debate is over what we should call the two new products so their names aren’t too long and secondly, which product category they fit into, or do we need a new sixth category?

The New Products

Both products will be finalised at the beginning of November so they can enter production in December, ready for their full launch in February.

Name the Product CompetitionThe first fills the need for an easy to carry mat/cover for the whole family on a day out in the countryside or beach. It can be used to protect the family from the ground or indoors to protect the home from the family. With a waterproof fabric backing and a soft microfibre top, it folds down easily into a small roll, easy to carry or to leave in the boot.

But if we call it a travel rug for some it conjures up the image of a tartan rug on the back seat of the car keeping the seat safe from pets and children. While its potential use in the home means for others it’s not a travel product at all, but a comfortable alternative to a throw.

Dog sleeping bag?The second product was designed to fit the need for those wanting somewhere comfortable and safe for their dog to sleep, but didn’t want an elevated bed. This could be because they were hiking or camping, visiting friends or wider family and wanted to avoid the perceived hassles of packing the bed up or finding space for it in the visited home.

Henry Wag designers therefore came up with the ‘dog sleeping bag’ concept. This is made from a washable quilted waterproof fabric, with insulated fibre filling. The question is whether it’s a bed or a travel product and if we call it a sleeping bag would it make sense?

How to enter

Entry is by liking our Facebook page, if you haven’t already, and then commenting under the Competition post. We’re looking for helpful suggestions as to:

  • what we should call each of the products;
  • which of the 5 categories you would expect them to be in or suggest a new one;
  • what other questions or information you might need to help in naming them.

Don’t delay, tell us today what you think and then you’ll be in the running for a prize. For full rules click.