We realise that H and W stands as much for the initials of Henry Wag, as they do for our underpinning aim of improving the Health and Well-being of pets.

As a young company we have a relatively limited product range with its focus currently on dogs. But we have exciting plans to more than double the product range if they meet our criteria.

Henry Wag’s New Product Development Philosophy

Henry Wag has a distinctive new product development philosophy for a British design-led brand. Any product we bring to market must be of high quality at an affordable price. Quality means that it is able to cope with the rigours of how it is used by its owners and their pets. It also means that health and well-being are designed into the product. This could be in the shape or cut of the product or it could be in the materials used. In this Henry Wag follows the British Arts and Crafts movement championing of construction before ornamentation.

Our aim is to be innovative within the true definition of innovation. Often this is assumed to need to be startlingly new, but actually can be marginal changes that make significant differences. With our numerous travel products, it is not surprising that we’re working on our current gap of a travel harness where safety and restraint are primary. Like advances in car seat belts, this will not be a startlingly new product to the market, but an evolution.

Our Approach

As well as reviewing possible new products, we collaborate with wholesalers, distributors and stockists to ask them what they see to be missing in the market. As part of our new dealer partnership programme, this will become more formal not least because of the quantity of new products that could be released over the next 2 years.

Traditionally when we attend shows, Henry Wag staff will be getting feedback from owners about how the end-users feel about products in the market and what might be lacking. These insights enable our design team to develop new concepts and to tweak existing designs. At a prototype stage we often run focus groups of potential users (owners and pets) to gain additional feedback. With the increase in the range, there will be future opportunities to join these focus groups.

The last pre-production stage is testing. Currently we have three products in testing. Our Noodle Drying Glove expands the microfibre range to enable longer haired dogs to benefit equally from quick effective drying. The other two are distinctive new product groups, so look out for more news about these shortly when the new product development is complete.