Henry Wag Noodle MatA busy month of competitions to win a Henry Wag Noodle Mat result in 5 prize winners. Four were picked at random from that week’s entries and the fifth was selected by the Judges.

We asked for photos, videos and stories around the theme of Travels with My Dog and lots of wonderful entries came in. A good number of photos, some videos but very few stories. But perhaps the most surprising entry of all was the photo of a cat! We think the owner realised that Henry Wag noodle mats can be used for pets other than dogs!

Along with the five prize winners, we commend Marge Carmody, Melly Dolittle and Gerri Hickman for a number of great shots posted over the four weeks. Unfortunately like the church raffle, random selection of winners means some of the most worthy don’t get drawn.

Noodle Mat Winners Showcase

Henry Wag Noodle Mat WinnerNoodle Mat Winner Week 2 BeethovenThe first week’s winner was Krissie Jones from Herefordshire with a picture of her dog on a bed.

Krissie was also the first person to upload to the competition but was drawn at random.

London-based Dawn Jenkins won in Week 2 with Beethoven on the beach. This 14 year old collie had also been seen on West Wittering beach in Week 1 and went on to star in Week 4 with a brilliant image of him enjoying his noodle mat prize.

Gail Watson and Milly from Nottinghamshire won week 3 with a video. Again drawn at random, the video shows Milly enjoying her dog bed and a treat. Is this about travels with my dog? Well in the background the tv is on about people storm chasing and includes the lines “all the way to the moon”! So it must be travel!

Bear wins a Noodle MAtNoodle Mat Winner BrynWeek 4 saw Janice Mabbot and 3year old water baby Bear from Croydon win a large Henry Wag noodle mat from our range of 4 sizes.

The judges choose Vikki O’Hara from Leicestershire with Bryn. She captioned the photo “A happy flappy moment out on the Shropshire hills with this dozy little man…..!” we assume she meant Bryn in the photo.

It was great to see so many different dogs entered from rescue dogs to pedigrees and all having fun with their owners. Look out for our next competition and don’t forget to share our facebook page with your friends so they also have a chance to win next time.