Dog and Horse New Product Panels Henry WagThank you for the huge response last week to join our new product development panels for dogs and for horses. It is still not too late to apply as Grant will be reviewing all messages later this week.

For dogs we’re looking to expand our current panel across the range of sizes and breeds of dog. Panelists get product to trial and keep, up to 3 months before it hits the shelves. Their feedback confirms the design of the product.

Many we know were surprised by the brand new horse panel and that we needed people so quickly. That’s what happens when we can develop a product quickly for a new market. Here we’re particularly looking for showjumpers, cross-country riders or those connected to a horse vet practice as we already have enough ponies.

To join either panel, like us on Facebook and then send us a message on Messenger with your address, type of dog/riding and an email address.

Passionate about Petcare

Henry Wag is focused on creating innovative practical pet accessories, which fulfil the genuine needs of pet owners. With our existing panel of dog owners, we have managed to bring to market 7 Travel, 2 Bed, 4 Hygiene, 1 storage and 3 pen products. All of these fit those practical needs in ways that no-one else supplying pet products does in the UK and in other European markets.

For some products the innovation is small but vitally important. For example, the density and fibre thickness of our microfibre ensures our products are effective at removing all the dirt. This is what our original product panel told us they liked and needed in a drying towel. We avoided simply using an untested material just so we could offer a product called microfibre. In other cases that innovation is substantial. We then need to talk to our trusted panel at the concept stage to tell us it’s brilliant or barking mad!

Market Leading Life Style Products

Ok so products can be innovative, practical and meet real needs; but that is worthless if you don’t meet the demand for products that fit the lifestyle we now live.

For most of us our dog (or horse) is part of the family. Gone are the days when home was a kennel in the garden. Now the whole family goes with us on trips and in daily life. Our designers have to ensure that our products continue to fit that need. Another reason we need a bigger panel so we can keep track of those changing lifestyles by getting real feedback from members of the Henry Wag community.

If you’d like to help us help you, then join others on our new product development panel. Like us on Facebook and send us a message to find out more.