Henry Wag stockists2018 is turning out to be a very big year for Henry Wag. In 2016 we decided that it was a good time to grow a company focused on creating and distributing products for improving the health and well-being of pets.

From the pain of planning in 2017, we set ourselves three aims: to grow our product range; to create an internationally recognised brand; and to increase our distribution channels so more people are able to see and buy Henry Wag products.

Our Ever-changing Map

Guy and Grant seem to have made it their mission this year to annoy our web team by constantly asking for stockists to be added to our map . Not surprising because they have been tasked to ensure that not only the number of stockists increases, but also that all areas of the UK are equally covered by physical stores stocking Henry Wag.

They have managed to more than double our UK stockists to over 150. And the big news this week is that Trilanco, a major nationwide wholesaler, has signed up to distribute Henry Wag. Trilanco has been established for almost 40 years and is the UK’s leading agricultural, equine and pet wholesaler with 12 Sales Managers covering the UK for the 16,000 products it distributes. Its focus is on quality products backed by modern technology so it’s easy to see where Henry Wag fits in.

But for the guys their work is not done as we still have a few areas particularly the South East where stockists are needed. And we now need to begin to roll out our planned dealer support programme for our retail partners. Then maybe our map will show all your nearest Henry Wag stockists.

International Developments

We reported in May on various international shows attended by our MD with support from Export for Growth grant. Export for Growth is a part-funded project between the European Regional Development Fund and the Department for International Trade. The good news is that we have now signed up 2 more international distributors.

Henry Wag met AS Gjeteren at Interzoo. AS Gjeteren is a leading Norwegian pet supply store and distributor. Based just north of Oslo, it was started in 1939 by Oleif Lebesby who was an agronomist. It supplies over 60 farm stores across Norway alongside its historical fencing business and has an on-line store. One of its outlets is right at the top of Norway above the Arctic Circle and its clients include reindeer farmers. So opportunity for the most Northerly Henry Wag buyer; and perhaps a lead for a traditional 24th December winter seasonal distributor?

Prague-based Tekro have signed up after we met them at the British Chamber of Commerce in the Czech Republic. A much younger company founded in 1991, Tekro have focused on the nutrition and breeding of domestic animals and livestock. It is the largest pre-mix animal feed company in the Czech and Slovak republics. It’s great to share our focus on animal well-being as the primary business driver.

We look forward to working closely with all our existing and new international, national and local stockists. Now might be the time to split our maps into national and international to make everyone’s live easier to find our nearest direct stockist!