Henry Wag Boot ProtectorWe’re already in the second week of 2018 and for some the new year’s resolutions are already wavering or are broken. Every year the most common resolutions are always health. Whether that’s eating more healthily or doing more exercise or being dry for January after the excesses of Xmas.

More exercise could be longer walks in familiar areas or perhaps travelling further afield to achieve a challenge and visit a new place. Or it could be taking up the gentle jog that develops into a couch to 5k run in free courses put on by the local running group.

With more exercise often our dogs can get dragged into the result as what’s better than spending time doing what we must in the company of a friend. Walking the extra mile doesn’t seem so bad with your dog along.

Or maybe it is the dog’s health that forms the resolution for us, as he no longer looks as sleek and trim as he once was, when we had more time. So better walks for him improves his health and well-being, as well as improving yours. That said I don’t think he’d thank you for enrolling him straightaway in a canicross race despite the increasing popularity of these dog and owner running races around the countryside.

Protecting yourselves

New Year resolutions are all about breaking bad habits. The best way to ensure that they stick is to change gradually. Going straight from a 2 to 20 mile walk will end in aches and pains for you and your dog. If you want something to become regular then gradually increase the distance. It is that slower repeated increase, which provides the longer term fitness benefit. While an extra five minutes is usually easily manageable; an immediate 2 extra hours is a chore to be avoided and so the excuses begin.

An easy first step is to go somewhere new and to go a little bit further. This often means jumping in the car to drive to parkland or the countryside. And then the problem of putting a well-exercised wet and dirty dog back in the car for the return trip arises.

At Henry Wag this is not a problem as we are used to protecting your car whether that is with boot and bumper protectors for hatchbacks and SUVs or front and back seat protectors. These protect the seat and boot fabric from dirt. So that’s one fewer obstacle to achieving your resolution of getting fitter.