Henry Wag Car Bench Hammock for petsHenry Wag is all about improving the health and well-being of pets through providing British-designed products fit for the realities of the way we live.

So we understand one of life’s biggest ironies. Just when the weather is doing its worst, we resolve this year to exercise ourselves and our dogs more. And we’ll venture further afield in order to do it in nicer surroundings, so we take the car.

Both are great ideas and are the reasons why Henry Wag has products to prevent the inside of your car being covered with the results of a good muddy walk with your dog.

Henry Wag Car Boot & Bumper Protection

Henry Wag Car boot protectorThe two sizes are suitable for either a large estate/SUV or a hatchback to protect the whole boot. The weighted bumper protection panel folds out to prevent scratches and worse on loading and unloading.

They are designed to be easy fit. They secure around the back headrest mounts and the rear seat walls and sides with Velcro. The sides protect the often forgotten boot walls from mud, moisture and anything else picked up on the walk.

Both sizes are made from a quilted double wall twill nylon, which makes them tear resistant. It also means they are easy to brush clean or if necessary throw in the washing machine.

Back Seat Protection

Henry Wag Pet Car HammockTo protection your back seat there are also two products available- the Car Bench Hammock for Pets  and the Pet Car Hammock.  Like their names the products are similar, but have distinct differences depending on the behaviour of your dog and how much of your car you want to protect!

Both are designed to prevent your dog from falling into the footwell. They also provide access slots to fully secure your pet for full safety. Both use quick connect straps around the front and rear headrests to secure the product. And as you would expect both are made from durable machine washable fabric.

So what are the differences? On the Bench Hammock the side panels fold down to protect the side of the seat and are left down when the door closes. On the Pet Car Hammock the sides zip up to protect the inside of the door. It also has loops to secure the sides using the roof handles. As a result of this design, it also possible to have storage pockets on the Car Hammock for treats etc.

Front Seat Pet Protection

Henry Wag Car Seat CoverIf you have a nervous dog that always wants to see where it’s going, then after that walk you might need a front seat cover. This is made from waterproof machine washable polyester. Again it’s easy to install with adjustable locking seat clips and access for the necessary dog restraints for safe driving. Its design allows it to fit and protect most front car seats.

So forget the weather and do more of what you know is good for you and your dog. And allow Henry Wag to preserve the fun by keeping your car fresh and clean inside.