Chances make Henry Wag winnersEarlier this month Henry Wag took a chance by asking its community to help with the names of two products, it was developing.

That risk paid off with many great suggestions.

All three winners have now claimed their prize when it’s ready to deliver early in January, so we can now reveal the winning entries.

Multimat or Comfort Blanket?

Our first product was an easy to carry mat/cover for the whole family. On a day out, it can be used to protect the family from the ground. Or indoors it can protect the home from the family. With a waterproof fabric backing and a soft microfibre top, it folds down easily into a small roll, easy to carry or to leave in the boot.

Henry Wag were delighted when Gerri Hickman suggested we call it a Multimat as our designer MD thought it captured the essential versatility and multiple uses of the product very simply and directly. Equally strong was Stephanie Barrett’s suggestion of Comfort Blanket with a great play on words as the product is both a comfort and a blanket.

Travel Snuggle

The second product was designed to fit the need for those wanting somewhere comfortable and safe for their dog to sleep, when an elevated bed was not an option. Henry Wag came up with the ‘dog sleeping bag’ concept. This is made from a washable quilted waterproof fabric, with insulated fibre filling.

Heather Gardner suggested Travel Snuggle which again emphasised the comfort and feeling of security for our four-legged friend as well as the ease of portability.

Many Suggestions

It’s now almost traditional to say that there were many great entries and judging was hard. But this really was the case here so thank you even if you didn’t win this time. Please do look out for our next competition.

The quality of the suggestions gives Henry Wag confidence that our expanded new product panels will be effective in giving all our customers the products they need as we continue to expand our range. We’re glad we took the chance of asking for your help so we all won.