Enjoying the family hammockLying in my garden hammock contemplating the end of another hot day and warm night to come, it struck me how many of the Henry Wag products have features which by design assist the health and well-being of our dogs in the heat.

The most obvious one is of course the Henry Wag cool mat. These come in four sizes and are puncture resistant. But the best thing about them is they don’t require freezing or chilling. They work by being at a slightly lower temperature than our pet and wick its heat away. Having predicted a heatwave this summer, our production run this year was increased so they are still some available through our stockists.

Beds and Boxes

Like a hammock our elevated dog bed allows air to circulate underneath reducing the heat for a more comfortable sleep. The bed’s tightly woven fabric is quick drying and easy to clean. As it doesn’t absorb moisture it reduces the build-up of bacteria, which thrives in hot humid areas.

If your dog hasn’t got an elevated bed and you want to freshen up the sleeping area then why not fit a Henry Wag noodle mat. As this is a microfibre product it is super absorbent and then easily washed to avoid the smells which build up.

The foam seal on our store fresh food box designed for dry pet food ensures it performs just as the product is called. Dry dog food typically has a moisture content of 6-10% so isn’t actually completely dry. With constant dry heat it can therefore lose that moisture which affects its flavour and performance.

Exercise and Containment

When you’re out on the walk in the cool of the day, then there are few dogs that will resist the opportunity, if allowed, to jump into a pond or river. It’s a great way to cool off. And drip drying is fine until you get back to the car. Here you might need Henry Wag’s microfibre glove just to dry off and check out the paws. Why? Because with lower water levels the edging mud may contain sharp grit or other debris. These are now accessible, which might cut or irritate a footpad.

The last two Henry Wag products need to be positioned in the shade and allow for the movement of the sun. The eight-sided fabric playpen has mesh to enable the airflow through it while also containing your pet. The lower half of the walls has side-panels creating shade in which to lie.

The Henry Wag fabric travel crate also has side meshing and comes with pegs for easy anchoring. So when correctly placed in the shade, it gives your friend his own place to quietly retire away from everyone else and chill. Which is much like my hammock!