Henry Wag elevated dog bedWith yet more snow and ice over the weekend many of us looked forward to climbing into bed and snuggling into the warmth of our duvets. Some of us finding the road home blocked found ourselves bunking down on our friends’ lounge floor.

While obviously grateful for the shelter of their house, it didn’t stop the internal grumblings about the hardness and coldness of the floor and the draughts from under the door. At least we had carpet unlike the host’s dog’s bed on the beautifully tiled utility floor.

It’s a Dog’s Life

When you consider it is quite normal for adult dogs to spend 12-14 hours a day sleeping, it becomes clear how more important their bed is than ours. Back in the medieval times those with money soon elevated their beds from the floor so it was warmer and more comfortable. Yet most dogs still sleep on some form of stuffed bed on the cold and potentially damp floor.

As we get older, we are less able to get able to get down to the floor, but are able to sit on and get into bed. We probably ensure that the bed is neither too soft or too firm so that our back and hips are supported when we lie down. It is the same for older and arthritic dogs. An elevated dog bed is easier to get into and out of and it provides more support to dogs’ hips, shoulders and elbows.

5 Well-being Reasons to Consider an Elevated Dog Bed

For the well-being of your dog consider:

  1. Improved temperature control. The elevated dog bed takes your friend off the cold floor in the winter. In the summer the increased air circulation under the bed keeps her cooler. That air circulation also means it is quicker drying and less likely to have the condensation which causes bacteria and smells.
  2. Easier to clean. With strong washable materials, elevated beds can be easier to clean. Dog debris of dead hair and skin is less likely to be overlooked when they are brushed or vacuumed out. This reduces allergic reactions in pets and owners.
  3. The mattress effect. The suspended fabric supports the body and limbs thereby reducing pressure and the potential for stiffness. While we might all like the initial sinking into a very soft bed most of us recognise we need some firm support to wake refreshed.
  4. Longer-lasting. Built from stronger materials an elevated dog bed will outlive a stuffed product. This is not just from the nature of the material, but also from the reduced potential of the dog ripping the bed apart.
  5. Portability. It is often easier to move an elevated bed to wherever you wish your friend to be during the day or night. Whether that is at home or somewhere else.