Henry Wag Dog Cool MatIn the words of the old rhyme it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing, because as humans we are able to adjust. With the change from dry to sultry hot over the last week, many of us have been complaining and/or watching fantastical electrical storms and torrential rain. And all this and it’s only May.

But let’s spare a thought for our canine friends. With the variable British weather we are all used to putting a coat on or taking a layer off. Often in the same day, but dogs can’t. Depending on the breed, their coats are adapted to ensure their survival in a vast range of temperatures. Typically their coats keep them warm in the lowest of expected temperatures. That is why many breeds shed their coat in the summer months and dog hair becomes such a problem on our soft furnishings.

The hotter the temperature, the greater becomes the shedding. So like us, most dogs look forward to a long summer which gradually builds in heat and then slowly ebbs away. Because then they can always be wearing the right weight coat, even if it means that their humans have a constant low level dog hair issue.

Keeping Dogs Cool

Traditionally when it’s hot we eat more ice creams and have long cool drinks. Dogs will also typically lie down not only because it’s more relaxing, but also because as hot air rises it is usually cooler on the ground.

At Henry Wag, we also know when the temperature hits a certain point, because that’s when our dog cool mats begin to fly off the shelves. Dog cool mats help moderate the extremes of temperature by keeping our friends cool.

Unlike ice cubes or a cold shower, the mats work by absorbing and dissipating the heat of the dog so they are a few degrees cooler than the pet. So no icy shock; but a comfortably cool relaxing mat without the need for refrigeration. While foam filled mats soak up the dog’s sweat, Henry Wag’s gel-filled mat is covered with a durable puncture-resistance fabric suitable for the occasional quick wipe over.

Henry Wag Dog Cool mats come in 4 sizes. This enables the right size to be chosen so that your dog is able to half extend its legs if it wants to use the whole mat. But often they will find the most comfortable way for them despite our designer’s best intentions!

So whatever the weather brings over the next month keep your dog cool, until their coat is ready for the glorious summer, with a dog cool mat.