Henry Wag Horses showjumperThe sharp-eyed have found Henry Wag out. In our latest blog we asked people to volunteer to join the Henry Wag new products panels. As we’re launching over 20 products in the next year, we need to expand our existing panel.

In fact we need to create a totally new one for horses alongside a bigger one for dogs. And we need to do it today! We are particularly interested in those who show jump, hunt or are connected to horse vet practices.

New Product Area

Henry Wag is known for its dog products both in the UK and abroad. Our focus on improving the health and well-being of dogs through better designed products has been recognised by the trade with increasing numbers of stockists.

But we slipped in that we wanted those who care for horses, why? Simple, we’re very shortly launching a range of microfibre products for horses and need panellists now.

We’ll send them the product to test with their horse and a link to an on-line questionnaire so we can get their feedback by 27th October 2018.

Why a Horse Product?

Many horses hate getting their heads wet particularly their eyes and ears. It also helps to prevent chaffing and other issues, to dry off their legs after a muddy hack. Which is why Louise, one of our team decided to see whether our dog microfibre products would work with horses. And from that testing a new product range has been created.

We want to go ahead with our full production run starting 1st November. We need 5-10 new people to test our pre-production samples and tell us if there any snags or issues. After the trial the microfibre product is theirs as always to keep.

If you want to take part of this trial for a brand new product area, like us on Facebook and send us a message with your name, address, type of horse and email address. We’ll then send you the product today to start trialling.